Six Reasons Your ROI Calculator Sucks

Posted on November 1, 2013

Webinar featuring Craig Rosenberg, Matt Heinz, and Mike Genstill. Really interesting topic: The ROI Calculator. Sound boring? Not really, there is a lot to learn.

Most B2B organizations now use an ROI calculator (or three) to help their prospects quantify value and make a decision. Unfortunately, in too many cases, your ROI calculator isn't getting used by the sales team, and in some cases, it actually confuses the prospect more than it helps.

In this important webinar, we'll dive into a series of specific, proven reasons why ROI calculators haven’t been working. More important, we’ll discuss pragmatic and actionable ways to leverage your existing ROI calculator investments to start driving improved prospect conversions.

Done successfully, this can lead directly to shorter sales cycles, fewer deals lost to “No Decision,” bigger deals, and more consistent renewals.

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