Sales v. Marketing: The Revenue Royal Rumble

Posted on February 28, 2014

The battle between sales and marketing has been raging for years. With the digital marketing revolution, many thought the cold war between both groups would thaw. In many companies, it hasn’t; despite thousands of blog posts and webinars on the topic. For this first time, a webinar will start with both points of view and present honest and sometimes raw feedback from both sides.

By the end of the webinar, we hope to settle a truce. Whether you are in marketing, sales, or are an executive, you must attend this webinar.

-Content marketing versus content selling
-Lead generation quality
-The key elements to alignment

Sales will be represented by Craig Rosenberg, the Funnelholic, and marketing will be represented by Justin Gray, the Marketing Evangelist. They will debate and hopefully find middle ground on the above topics, forcing both disciplines to speak face-to-face.

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